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    Default Use of the English language in threads

    Dear All

    Recently it has become difficult to read some posts made by members containing what we call, slang or text talk.

    Due to the nature of the club and it's ethos, and out of politeness to other members who may find it difficult to read these abbreviated expressions, we would be grateful if you would not use such talk and use of abbreviated words as used in text messages. As a result some forum messages may be edited or removed and warnings given out to members who continuously refrain from following these rules.


    Admin Team

    Some useful links:

    Punctuation Basics - Find out what all those squiggly lines are for!

    Grammar Basics - Find out which words to use and when!

    Learn how to spell - Find out what order to put those pesky letters in!

    Dyslexia support and information - Get support and information on how to improve your key skills!

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    Default Re: Use of the English language in threads

    This needs a bump - Text speak is creeping back in to a lot of posts and is just plain retarded. This is an English forum, please write your posts in English!

    Please take this into consideration when making posts, use a spell checker, most web browsers have a spell checking plug in that will highlight your errors instantly, find one, use it, benefit from it.



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