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    Lightbulb "How to" for photobucket picture posting

    Hi Everybody - thought this might help for people using photobucket...

    This is a very basic lesson in posting pictures using:-

    I'm making the assumption that you have the pics already on your computer somewhere.

    Here goes:
    1. Go to photobucket.com and set up an account (very basic and its free).

    2. You'll receive the email to confirm (just like here) to go to photbuckets home page to log in.

    3. After log in you'll be at a page that asks you to chose from where (what file) your picture is coming from. You'll have a drop down window of your files, desktop, etc.

    4. Chose your pic and hit "submit" (you also can submit multiple pics) and there it is at the bottom!.. But be aware sometimes their multiple choice subit can take ages to actally work.. depending on the time of day and how much traffic is on line at the time

    **Now to get your pictures onto the forum. It's sooo easy!.**

    1.Your pic will be a square with tags listed under it (the URL, IMG tags) also there is a little square to "check" under the photo you want the tag for. click in the little square don't use any of the tags under the picture

    2.At the bottom of the page you will see "generate HTML and IMG tags", click this

    3.You are not taken to another page with 5 different options . I chose the third option "images for message boards"

    5. Just click in the area where the http's are.. it should highlight them all.. and it automatically copies them

    6. Come back here to the post/message box you want to put your pictures and hit Ctrl & V to paste them into the posting message box and voila

    7. If you don't use option 3 at Photo bucket sometimes the images are huge.. this takes up a lot of room here on our site... choosing the thumbnails allows the image to be seen and open up a lot quicker on the site

    8. If you want people to see a larger picture, just add .. please click photo to see a larger picture .. when they click the picture will open up to the larger size for them, but it will open up in another window without taking up that extra room on this site

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    Default Re: "How to" for photobucket picture posting

    Howto: Post images from a hosted site, i.e. Photobucket

    Let's assume that you've gone to photobucket.com (I'll use this as an example as I already have an account, the steps will be similar for any other hosting site) and created yourself an account, what do you do next?

    On photobucket when you log in (also when you're on an album's front page), there's three big buttons, one of which has "UPLOAD" plastered all over it.

    This will take you to the main "Upload" page and get you started.

    Creating Albums - optional

    Do you want to organise your uploads first? Well, lets suppose you do, you can find the Albums box on the left of the screen.

    Enter a name in the new album box at the bottom and click Save.

    The page should update and the new album will be in the Albums box. Click on the name you've just created and it'll take you to the album

    You can see in this image that I've created an album called walkthroughs so I can store these walkthrough photos

    Uploading pictures

    In the main page or in your album, you'll find a button which will allow you to upload files. Beneath this is a drop-down combo box which allows you to select some upload options. This is handy for posting images on forums where the size is restricted. The default is 640x480, although you can choose something else before uploading.

    Click on the "Choose Files" button and it'll pop up a little windows dialog box allowing you to select the files you want to upload. You can select more than one by using the Shift and Ctrl keys on the keyboard (Shift allows you to select a range, Ctrl allows you to pick individual files).

    Select the files you want to upload and click "Save" - the files will be uploaded and resized according to your resize choice.

    When you've uploaded some files, you should be presented with a screen that looks a little like this:

    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1160x684.This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1160x684.

    So now, how do you get them shown on the forum? Well, that's nice and easy as well. You should notice under the pictures we've uploaded, that there's a group of boxes with some different texts in them.

    Click in the "IMG" box (it'll select all the text automatically) and using whatever method you're comfortable with to copy text (I like to hit Ctrl-C, if you're using Internet Explorer, it should copy for you as soon as you click in the box)

    Now switch to the forum, create a new post and start typing. When you get to the point you want to insert a picture, simply paste the IMG code into your text. It'll look something like this


    NOTE: The {} in the example above will actually be []

    And that's it. When you submit your post, you'll have a picture there



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