Hi all, this is an important time for the club, as major changes are about to be made.

This club was founded on the principal of creating a local meeting place for Hampshire based Japanese car enthusiasiasts, and I feel that over the last year we have succeeded more than we thought possible for a fledgling club.

The support we have had from our members and admin team has been terrific and has enabled us to put on some really good events and meets throughtout the year. This year has already started even bigger than we could have hoped, with 70+ cars at our first meet. With the joint meet coming up next month (and interest from Jap Performance Magazine) at the event, we are heading for bigger and better things.

We have been discussing how to move forward and grow the club for quite some time now, and our ethos of trying to keep the club free can unfortunately no longer happen. We have to pay for many things to help this club grow, and it can no longer be sustained by member donations, traders fees and money from my own pocket.

We have decided to make this a paid membership club, but have worked hard to ensure that you will get value for money. The club will now follow a 2 tiered membership system, comprised of the following.

Unpaid Member:
Welcome at all meets and events
Limited Forum Access (non members areas + events)
Access to clubstands and camping (after paid members spaces filled)

Paid Member:
Membership + Discount Card
2x Club Decals
Club flyers + Welcome letter
Discounts at vendors (list to be published soon)
First dibs on clubstands / camping
First dibs on trackday spaces
Full forum access including (new) special areas (see site features list)

This shows you that we have tried hard to ensure that there is definate benefit for your membership fee.

The fees will not come into effect until the 31st March 2008, at which time the site will be down while I make the neccessary changes. During this time, I will be adding many features to the site to offer even more functionality to paid members, such as garages, photo albums etc...

If you pay your membership fee early, it will ensure that you recieve your benfits from day 1. Please note, that the membership packs will be given to you at a local meet wherever possible, or posted to you if that is not suitable.

The membership fee will be 12 per year, and can be purchased through the club shop via paypal or cheque.

We hope that you all understand why this needs to be done, and that your membership fee will allow us to do bigger and better things for you, the members.

Help us to help you get a bigger and better club experience

Finally, to all of you that have donated to the club, this will pay your first years membership fee