Sorry everyone I really am.

I've certainly added to the grey hair collection

So here we are 2017 and it's fair to say we have had a bumpy start to the year with site issues, server/hosting failures and of recent hosting providers network (DNS) issues.

So where are?

In short - quiet. I've got to know many of you over the years and so Facebook messages have been flooding in (in and around the outages with common theme of boredom etc from the lack of site posts being written).

I've said it before but I will say it again to everyone thats listening - as much as I've acquired/earned (Thanks again Ben, Simon and James) the Spam title, I just can't offer the same level of posting I used to. As such - it is without surprise that os falls to all of you to post up. If you were standing at a pub meet, attending a show or indeed just meeting between drives you'd have a chat and probably (like me as I'm nosy) a gander to what everyone else is doing and join in.

That's right - it's the same on the forum... So it's easy - post away. You, HJC's lovely members bring to the forum what everyone wants to read. Car updates, places you've been, routes you've driven, general humour, maybe you're asking a question, needing advice or just want to post a random pic... even spam.

OK- skip the Spam and I'll try to bring that back (between amusing antics and up and coming events/meets).

So lets have it- post away and we hope to see you at the up and coming meet Al has posted up for Sunday March the 17th. Log n for more details

Catch you soon.