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    Default Re: EP3 sluggish at low RPM and jerky

    So one of my colleagues at work was pretty awesome and let me swap the IACV over in his driveway which gave me plenty of space as well as a second pair of hands (turns out that he's quite handy).

    The EP3 is a little better again but still not as great as I hoped. RPM still tends to hang while cold and when warm, it's sometimes slow to return to idle or will be very sudden and overshoot down to 500RPM for a split second. It's the same in gear as well (and jerks a lot).

    After talking to Ben at Eurospec some more, it seems that the Hondata ECUs tend to idle quite high when cold anyway (which can't be changed) and the IACV duty cycle probably needs tweaking but a full on remap just for that is a little crazy.

    My thoughts are to just leave it now and if I want to go down the breathing bolt on mod routes at some stage, it can be addressed then. I could also just get that stock ECU in it as I recall the idle behaving much better before the K100/reflash at the expense of actually having power below VTEC (yo). Honda want an extortionate amount to re-code the keys/immobiliser though.

    I made a video of it at cold (with the IAAV which makes it much worse). I let off the throttle way before the end of the road and it just keeps going and shoots up to 2500rpm (sometimes more) when I hit the clutch.
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