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Thread: Rb25 maf

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    jake taylor

    Default Rb25 maf

    So I was driving my s15 rb25 for the the first time to day since the conversation

    Drove it from Portsmouth back to basingstoke then round basingstoke for a bit so about an hour and a half work of driving with no problems at all

    The was driving to work witch is in hook so about another 20mins

    On my way to work the car cut out
    It would start back up with a bit of gas but as soon as I took my foot of the gas it died so would not idle by its self

    I unplugged the maf and started it and it started right up bit lumpy but that's to be expected with no maf

    As soon as I plugged the maf back in it died

    Need to get the car home to night from work could any one think y or what it could be or can help ??? Thanks

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    Probably buying bit's for my GTR then shelving them

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    Hope you got sorted Jake.

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