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    Default Rb26 turbo removal.

    In the process of removing my turbos on my R33 GT-R managed to remove front turbo struggling a bit with the second one, anyone done it and have you got any tips or advice on getting it out.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Rb26 turbo removal.

    As per conversation but for others....

    Hi Mike

    I have (twice)...
    Best thing I was told was to buy a set of angled and ratchet spanners and lots of wd40 for the day before
    The ratchet spanners I bought were snap on - an investment with fine clicks is well worth it - paid for themselves on that first job easily.
    Also bought a couple of stubby ratchet breakers.
    Slim socket head sets for most, then thin ratchet spanners pretty much finish the others bar 2, that leaves you with the offset spanners.
    You could possibly bend a spanner which was suggested to me - but I figured I'd invest as I could afford to.
    A job with the right tools is so much easier

    I will be buying some U spanners and a slimmer set of crows foot sockets.
    Oh - and for me.... Another blow torch bottle of gas and angle grinding blades lol.

    Shout if you get stuck.



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