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Thread: Halfords Fail

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    Default Halfords Fail

    See here - http://www.halfords.com/motoring-tra...ts/drive-belts

    "Drive belts is what links your engine to your transmission or gear system, helping the engine to 'drive' the wheels. See, these things aren't just named randomly.

    Finding the right part for your car can be a tricky business, but pop into your local Halfords store and we can make the whole process much easier."

    yuh-huh that's right Halfords, you know your onions!!

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    Default Re: Halfords Fail

    Yeah that Halfords marketing quote fills me with confidence....erm no lol!, after reading the first line of that quote "Drive belts is what links your engine to your transmission or gear system" I thought they may as well have added "innit bruv" as I imagined it had been written by Ali G lol!.

    Suppose they are correct, if all they stocked were Drive belts for CVT Drivetrains (Constant Variable Transmissions) inc for a defunct car from the 1960's & 70'S called the DAF 55 & 66. Then again I'd be surprised if they stocked them let alone sold them, instead of the Auxiliary and Cam Timing belts that we'd commonly expect them to stock & sell.

    The scary thing is 90% approx of the population who would'nt know better or haven't a clue would take that as Gospel, and then recite/ quote that drivel thus making themselves look even more stupid infront of someone who does know/ is well educated on the subject.
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