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    Lightbulb HJC Car of the Month - 2013 Calendar Competition

    HJC Car of the Month - Calendar Competition
    Now that 2012 is here it's time to kick off something slightly different this year in the form of the 'HJC Car of the Month Competition' and get the ball really rolling on submissions for our 2013 club calendar.

    How does it work?
    Each month we post a thread in the pictures forum asking for you to submit your best pictures that you think would look good in our calendar, this is limited to two pictures per member per month.

    At the end of each month we then choose the best 10 or so from that thread and post up a poll thread with these pictures in for everyone to vote on. The one with the most votes* will get picked for that month and will be appearing in the 2013 club calendar.

    *Voting remains open throughout the year to allow members both new and old to cast their votes.

    In November we will run two threads for November and December to ensure that all pictures are in and ready for the calendars to be produced in time for Christmas.

    Rules for picture submission

    1. Best resolution possible
    2. 1024 x 768 minimum size
    3. Nice scenery or interesting background
    4. The car suitably framed so there is space to put the club logo

    5. Only TWO images per person per month please
    6. No repeat pictures, don't submit pictures you have already submitted
    7. Pictures must NOT have watermarks/logo's on them already

    PLEASE NOTE THE RULES: They are there for a reason, if the images aren't of high enough quality then then will not be usable for the calendar.

    Please think about what you are submitting, a just washed car is great, but a just washed car with a bucket next to it is not calendar material! Make the picture interesting, good scenery around it, not just a picture that you've snapped in a car park or on your drive please! Try and ensure that your car is the only car in the shot also.

    What are you waiting for?

    So, what are you waiting for, if you think that your Japanese car looks the business and deserves to grace our hallowed calendar pages then get those images submitted! You've got to be in it to win it!

    For further details on what you need to do to submit your pictures see the *PICTURES WANTED* thread for the current month for more info. This will be a sticky thread at the top of the pictures forum. HJC Car of the month Competition - January **PICTURES WANTED**

    Good luck and we look forward to seeing your pictures.
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