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Despite the ever increasing measures we implement against spamming and unsolicited advertising, it will always be an ongoing process.

Spamming comes in multiple forms and such an example was recently brought to our attention. The forums Private Messaging (PM) service had been used as a direct advertising tool to targeted members in the form of an unwelcome invitation to another site.

If you receive inappropriate contact via the forums PM service, please contact a member of the admin or moderation team so we can act appropriately.

As a continuation to our efforts, we have recently taken action to gain control and subsequent ownership of the domain name "". This necessary action was born from a cloned/masked version of our homepage being hosted under this address.

Seemingly the purpose of this other parties homepage was to deliberately misdirect HJC forum users to another website.

The underhandedness and deviousness of this action was promptly highlighted by more than one HJC member who had inadvertently typed rather than the url for our clubs forum.


With the seriousness of these actions, direct contact with the hosting companies was taken and a stop was put in place preventing access to this parties page.

We later reached an agreement with the party to take ownership and control of

Owning (as we now do) both the and .com versions of HJCs url comes as a welcome enhancement to the club and most certainly affords us a greater level of future security.

The actions we have already taken is an end to this matter, however we ask that you are all vigilant.

Thank you,

HJC Team

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