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    Default Kai's Prelude at Castle Combe

    Had a great day at Castle Combe on Saturday with Hondas on Track and Lotus on Track.
    It was the first outing for the 5th Gen Prelude which is still pretty much "standard" (well, apart from suspension, brakes, intake and decat )

    Anyway, it was very foggy to start, then really slippery, but eventually it was clear.

    There were some fast Lotus (Loti?) there - supercharged Elise/Exige really are quick - and some fast Hondas too.

    The Prelude did OK, got lots of plans for more speed of course. We'll see what power it has on Saturday, but I will be pleased if it's got anywhere near 185 bhp as it should standard - but after 108,000 miles...

    Two vids - one from the passenger headrest and one using "helmetcam" - basically a big blob of blue tack attaching small cam




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    Default Re: Kai's Prelude at Castle Combe

    looking good out there kai



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