Avatar's for all HJC website users
Following the removal of avatars from non-paid members it was brought to the staffs attention that this was not an entirely popular decision throughout the club. Following on from feedback and threads posted up on the forum, a poll for the clubs paid members to vote on was posted up. We took this step to further gauge our valued members feelings and thoughts on the matter.

Although the uptake on voting was not particularly high and most didn't seem to care, an opinion was voiced.

The results of the poll and the feedback we have had has been discussed in great length by the site staff and as promised, following on from the HJC summer show, a decision has been made.

We have decided to take on board all of the comments made by the members and reinstate the avatar facility for all members, this will take effect shortly. As a result of the feedback we have received we will also be looking into increasing the benefits for paid members of the club, so watch this space.