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Thread: UK Car Checks

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    Post UK Car Checks

    Here's some useful sites for checking the details of cars.

    Motor Insurance Database - Vehicle Check

    Vehicle Licence Check - Click Vehicle Check on the menu on the left

    MOT Check

    VIC - Vehicle Identity Checks

    BIMTA - ESVA and Model Checks

    Is the car you are about to buy, an insurance total loss? Look at the statistics: more than 450, 000 cars involved in an accident are classed as a total loss by insurance companies every year in the UK. The car is a Total Loss only when the damage to the car was so extensive that it was not economical to be repaired. However, some of these cars do in fact find their way back onto the road after they are repaired and sold on to an innocent person with no knowledge of this. Depending on the severity of the damage to the car accident and the subsequent amount and very importantly, the quality of repair - you and your passengers (friends or family) could be at risk.

    Insurance companies categorize the damage as one of the following:

    - *Category A: The Vehicle & All Parts should be crushed.

    - *Category B: The Vehicle's parts may be salvaged, however the shell should be crushed and the car
    can never be put back on the road.

    - *Category C: The car has extensive damage, enough for the insurer deciding on not to have the car
    repaired. However the car can be repaired (by a third part usually) and put back on the road.

    - *Category D: Just a damaged vehicle that the insurer has decided not to repair, however can
    be repaired and put back on the road.

    - *Category F: The Vehicle has been subject to fire damage and the insurer has decided not to repair.

    - *Theft:
    If the car has been stolen and recovered, the ownership lies with the insurer as they have
    likely paid out for the car. If the car is identified, repossession can take place even after
    having been bought by an innocent party unaware of the car's history.

    Categories marked with an asterisk (*) require a VIC check before the DVLA will issue a new registration document for the vehicle. This is noted on the V5C, if the car you have bought has any of these vehicle data check alerts mentioned above- it will show up under a car history check.

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