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    Default Update 23/08/10: Caliper refurb

    As im trying to save money for my impending engine work, and knowing how shite my brakes are, i decided to complete an overhaul of the stock 4 pot sumitomo calipers.

    I purchased the seal kit from Bigg Red as well as a new set of pistons for a grand total of 104.

    I removed the calipers and brought them inside for inspection

    The pistons were seized solid, couldnt even rotate them with a set of mole grips. So i hooked them back up to the brake lines and popped them 90% with the brake pedal

    As you can see, they arent in great condition, with lots of rust on the pistons themselves. I then removed the pistons to inspect the insides of the cylinders.

    Then using a very fine cross head screw driver, i removed the old inner seals

    The inner side of the cylinder was in pretty good nick, but as you can see, beyond the seal is rusted up, and no doubt the cause of the sticking pistons.

    I rubbed down the rusty parts with a combo of 1200 wet and dry and wire wool. Unfortunatly, once the rust was removed, there was some pitting in the metal evident. I decided not to rub down till all the pitting was gone as i didnt want any lateral movement in the pistons once they were fully extended.

    Rubbed down and as it was:

    I then lubricated the new inner seal in brake fluid and fitted the seal

    I then took the new piston and lubricated it with brake fluid and fitted the dust seal ready for installation

    I repeated for the other three pistons leaving

    Then all i had to do was fit the circlips for the dust seals, and whalaa, finished

    Ill fit them at a later date as i may be fitting braided lines aswell.

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    Probably buying bit's for my GTR then shelving them


    New thread created and stickied - great write up Nick

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    good work ive done this on a budget of 0.00 lol reused everything just cleaned it all and refitted was a pig to do noing you cant brake anything. well done



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