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    Default Nurburgring 2010

    Right guys this is ran on a first come first get as places are limited, i only want payments if your 100% sure your coming, if you change your mind i will work with you to try and get someone to take your place but i'm not going to start entertaining the idea of taking money, booking things then have to sort out refunds.

    To give you an idea this was a trip from 2008 http://videos.streetfire.net/video/S...008_172236.htm

    The Dates;

    Leave on Sept 30th Thurs morning and return Oct tues 5th in the evening.

    Thursday, 30/9/2010 = 5:15pm till 7:00pm
    Friday, 1/10/2010 = 5:15pm till 7:00pm
    Saturday, 2/10/2010 = 8:00am till 7:00pm
    Sunday, 3/10/2010 = 8:00am till 7:00pm
    Monday, 4/10/2010 = 5:15pm till 7:00pm
    Tuesday, 5/10/2010 = CLOSED

    And also I have looked up the prices and they're as follows.

    1 lap = 22 Euro
    4 laps = 75 Euro
    8 laps = 145 Euro
    15 laps = 250 Euro
    25 laps = 390 Euro
    Unlimited laps in 2010 = 1075 Euro

    The costs are (Please contact me before making/sending payment);

    Camping; 15 per person per night (inc all you can eat breakfast, in grounds of guesthouse so use of bathrooms).
    Singles; 36 per person per night (inc all you can eat breakfast @Guesthouse).
    Doubles; 40 per person per night (inc all you can eat breakfast @Hotel up the road).
    Tripple appartments; 38 per person per night (inc all you can eat breakfast @Hotel up the road).

    Ferry 36 return (price valid till june 28th).

    To secure your space you can send the 36 for the ferry and 50% of your accommodation costs, although please be aware I will not take bookings on camping until the guesthouse is 80% full because without the guesthouse booked we don't get camping.

    Cheques, postal orders or bank transfers are the preferred way of payment, paypal is excepted but charges will be applied.

    Then the remainder of your accommodation payment is due no later than 3 months before we travel, ideally sooner would be better.

    Please send payment to;

    The only other costs will be fuel, expect to use about 6 tanks and then just your food and drink along with your laps.

    We our hiring the whole Guesthouse for all the singles as it can sleep just over 24 people, as it has about 9 bedrooms ranging from 1-6 beds in each room.

    It has 2 9 car garages with a pit and extra parking.

    The doubles/couples will be down the road in the hotel with the over spill of singles.


    (10 spaces)
    Paul & Emma
    Ryan D + M8
    Tim S
    Simon + 1
    Chris + Lisa
    Stuart + kelly

    Singles (25 spaces)
    Bruce-m + Craig D
    Jon B + watkins
    Tomblin + Tomblin
    Tom P + Rich + Dom
    Mikey R33 + Nai
    AndyR43 + Jerr
    Jago + 1
    Shaun + Jon b
    Jojop + Gareth

    Ross & Catherine
    Ian + 1
    Stu V + Leann
    Marc + Claire

    Apartments (3 rooms)

    Awaiting payment
    Jonny + 1 / Double
    Deans M8 Mark / Single
    Shed / Single
    Charlie / Single

    Alot of the above are friends of friends so by no means think everyone knows each other or drives a skyline its a real free for all and a great trip with all sorts of cars coming.

    We also all take walkie talkies as it saves constantly calling and texting abroad (will PM details closer to the time).

    Don't forget to inform your insurance companies.

    In the way of car pre i'd make sure the car has had a recent service and is in good mechanical order.
    I will be giving mine and oil change and plugs before i go along with new brake pads and tyres if there anywhere below half worn.

    If your wanting to do any mods before you go i recommend first uprated disc and pads and suspension if its not already, followed by heat protection as for the last two years we've been there's been a heat wave out there.
    So things along the lines of Oil cooler, induction kit heat shield, downpipe heat wrap, home made intercooler water spray are all cheapish mods and will give the best gains.

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    Probably buying bit's for my GTR then shelving them


    As said - plenty of interest from other threads already.
    And if you guys want a trip the skyline convoy picks from prior trips looks great and thats even before making it to the ring



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