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Thread: The HJC team

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    Default The HJC team

    Hi all, I've come to realise you don't all look at the admin contacts of the club so thought a quick note to show who is helping the club with their dedicated input...

    Most roles haven't changed for some time, ie. Admins and moderators, but we have brought back changed "event organisers" a while ago.

    Event Organisers are responisble for organising national shows, clubstands and camping, tickets and convoys. The reason we are doing this is to offer a greater level of support for members, and to allow us to organise meets across the county more efficiently.

    The new structure is to look like this.

    Administrators - SpamPanther, SkylineGTR
    Admins - Revo, SkyRacer
    Moderators - BenGT, JayMX5, 300zx_Girl
    Event Organisers - Savage1985, Oakley, Bug

    In addition to this we have been discussing interclub reps, and area reps to both interact with supporting clubs and to increase the activities available to our members.

    Once we have looked at the specifics, positions will be decided upon and members notified of the outcome. As we make progress there will be plenty of opportunity as the club grows for you to join in and support us

    With these changes to the team, we hope that this will enable us to offer more variety and benefits to our members.

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    Default Re: The HJC team

    There have been a few changes since the above post and the current HJC Team is as follows:

    Administrators - SpamPanther, SkylineGTR
    Admins - SkyRacer, Bug, PJ
    Moderators - BenGT, 300zx_Girl, Skyline Girl
    Event Organisers - SidewaysThough, oliotter, phillih



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